Where can you buy the best menudo in Orange County?

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Menudo at Bahia in Orange

So you partied a bit too hard last night and woke up with a dire need for…a steaming hot bowl of menudo.  But where can you buy the best menudo in Orange County?

For those of you who have no clue, menudo is a traditional Mexican soup that is said to be especially good when you are, well, hung over.

But Gustavo Arellano, over at the OC Weekly, says there is more to menudo than meets the eye, “menudo is so much more than boiled cow guts or something to soak up the booze that fueled your previous night. Menudo is a socio-historical lesson in a bowl: the fat, pale kernels of pozole have nourished Mesoamericans since time immemorial; the use of tripe and not the better parts of a cow a testament to its status as a poor person’s meal. Menudo is delicious, the trinity of firm pozole, chewy tripe and fiery, blood-red broth producing a comforting, fatty flavor.”

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