Carly Fiorina says women are a majority and Jesse Jackson is a gracious guy

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Carly Fiorina wants us to know that women are a majority and Jesse Jackson is a gracious guy

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Is Carly Fiorina, the wealthy Republican running for the U.S. Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer, writing off most Republicans, not to mention male voters?

In a speech that became public Friday, Fiorina fondly recalled the Rev. Jesse Jackson — a controversial figure across the political spectrum but anathema to many on the right — “very graciously” visiting her at HP years ago, when the two worked together to boost diversity among Silicon Valley’s work force.

“I like to remind people that women are not a constituency — women are a majority,” Fiorina said during her Wednesday night speech in Sacramento, hosted by California Women Lead, a nonpartisan group that encourages women to seek public office. “Women are the majority of voters and we will never have a truly representative democracy unless women make up half, at least, of our elected representatives.” (Silicon Valley Mercury News)

Fiorina really waxed poetic about Jesse Jackson, saying that, “In the past 40 years, there are very few people who have used their talent … to achieve more things for more people in more places than Reverend Jackson,” she said in a 2003 speech posted on HP’s Web site. “And we are all better off for his leadership.”

During Obama’s campaign last year, Jackson had to apologize after these comments ended up on T.V., “See Barack been, um, talking down to black people on this faith based … I wanna cut his nuts off. Barack … he’s talking down to black people.”

Jackson is truly despised by most Republicans and many Democrats too.  Many Americans consider him to be a race baiter.

Fiorina is trailing moderate Tom Campbell, but is well ahead of knuckle-dragger Chuck DeVore.  However, the latter is bound to pick up support by broadcasting Fiorina’s latest comments.

DeVore in fact has already fired back.  He told reporters that “To equate representative democracy with group power is a very dangerous and wrongheaded way of thinking, It’s the kind of gender and racial identity politics we fight with the left over, and it’s the kind of thinking that leads to quotas.”

For once I agree with DeVore.  What in the world was Fiorina thinking?

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