Mr. DeVore Goes to Washington

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Washington is where conservatism goes to die.  GOP Senate candidate Chuck DeVore is learning that the hard way.  In his recent trip to Washington, Chuck learned that Sacramento isn’t the only capitol with an arrogant and disconnected GOP leadership.  The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) clearly favors RINO Carly Fiorina and is snubbing DeVore.

NRSC chair John Cornyn refused to even sit down with DeVore, on a recent visit.  (Meanwhile, Cornyn is helping Carly Fiorina with fundraising and recently helped her deliver the GOP weekly address.)  American Spectators‘ Quin Hillyer calls the NRSC jerks, proclaiming, “I’m with Chuck DeVore on this one”.  Hillyer continues,

“The ever-arrogant, ever-clueless, ever-counterproductive, ever-anti-conservative NRSC repeatedly shows favoritism … for moderate, establishment, milquetoast candidates … it is true for the pompous senators chosen to chair the NRSC … and … the Senate Republican leadership that pressures the NRSC to behave as it does. … these paragons of conventional wisdom are always wrong. They always pick the wrong candidates, do the wrong things, promote the wrong strategies and tactics. They are a plague on Republicanism and on conservatism. They are a disaster.”

(emphasis added)  He is surely right about that.

State and national GOP leadership is a disaster.  Conservatives know this and are refusing to give money to the NRSC.  Their support for Fiorina is a flashing warning sign reading WRONG WAY!  That’s why GOP voters would be wise to reject Fiorina.

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