Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to impose a new global tax on financial transactions

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Pelosi Protesters

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not very popular in Orange County!

(Picture Courtesy of the O.C. Register)

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her strongest endorsement yet of a global financial transaction fee Thursday after raising the issue directly with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in a conversation this week” according to

Has Pelosi lost her mind?  Our nation is reeling in the worst economic depression of our lives.  Jobs are being lost every day.  And now she wants to impose a global tax on financial transactions?  She must be crazy!

No wonder hundreds of protesters showed up to this week’s Democratic Party of Orange County Harry Truman Awards Dinner.  The keynote speaker was the dreadful Pelosi.

While the DPOC sold out their dinner, that is by no means a referendum on Pelosi. Recent polls indicate that Pelosi is about as popular as a bowl of warm barf.

“Moreover, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorable rating is still in the doldrums, with a 28 percent minority of Americans saying they have a positive view of her and 50 percent holding a negative view. While half of Democrats (50 percent) have a favorable opinion of Pelosi, majorities of Republicans (77 percent) and independents (58 percent) view her unfavorably,” according to Fox News.

President Obama is down to a 46% approval rating.  And Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid is losing to both of his Republican opponents, according to recent polls in Nevada.

Despite all of that bad news, the Democrats want to raise taxes – not just here but globally.  They must truly want to lose control of the Congress in the upcoming 2010 mid-term elections.

How is the business community reacting to Pelosi’s harebrained tax-raising scheme? “Weakening our capital formation system is not a better outcome,” said David Hirschmann, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness,” according to

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