A brief glance at the passing show

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Well howdy! It sure has been an interesting week so far.  First, we have Democrats shaking and crumbling with their War President’s agenda in Afghanistan. Those 30,000 extra troops are just giving them fits! Maybe next time the Left will listen to WHAT a candidate says, rather than just how he says it. Be that as it may, you have Democrats interested in keeping their jobs acting less deferential to this White House. It’s that whole troop build up thing that’s getting it started, but whoa! is this macabre play coming unraveled!

For the first time last week, every poll had President Obama under 50%. And the Democrat Party is weaker than ever. You had Dick Morris saying the Republicans are going to retake the House and Senate, and 60% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. But it gets better…

44% in a recent poll wish they had Obama’s predecessor back in office. (excuse me, i just threw up in my mouth a little)

The Congressional Black Caucus attacked and embarrassed President Obama, saying it may side with Republicans on future issues. First, Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson subpoenaed Obama Social Secretary Desiree Rogers. Then the White House had to claim executive privilege. On the social secretary. Then the Black Caucus agreed to boycott a financial overhaul vote. Well, they’re only standing strong to help him.

President Obama and Sarah Palin are separated by 1 (one) point in approval ratings. The CNN poll shows 46% have a favorable view of Palin and 47% approve of the job the President is doing.


But it gets better still!

20% of Americans approve of impeaching Obama. Right now. I wonder what 35% of Republicans are thinking, but there are a lot of Democrat votes there too. Now, I wouldn’t know what for. I think Clinton should have stayed where he was… but man, is it fun to watch!

The same poll that has Obama thinking Palin in 2012 also has Dick Cheney up to 39% approval. Speaker Pelosi would love to have those numbers. She is more than half, at 19%. A little lower and Elvis might meet her at the Speakers podium.

And then the topper. Public option is dead. Long live medicare for all! Or… not so fast.

The Heavy Breathers are going to get riled up even more. Two email/petition campaigns were announced this afternoon opposed to any compromise that jettisons a public option.  Apparently, President Obama’s endorsement of the Senate compromise deal was also not enough to assuage these groups. MoveOn sent an email to their members saying that Senate Democrats “bargained away the heart of health care reform — allowing conservative senators like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson to hold the process hostage and protect Big Insurance,”

Cheers everyone! What a wonderful Christmas Present!

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