Fiorina All Talk on Public Employee Unions

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Carly Fiorina is angry

Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate Carly Fiorina is all talk (and no action) when it comes to California’s public employee unions.  She raises the issue in every interview, but offers no solution.  Even as taxpayer activists with the Citizen Power Campaign march forward to fix California government by stopping the public employee unions from using taxpayer money to block needed reform, Fiorina refuses to support the most important reform since Proposition 13.  Fiorina is telling voters loud and clear what she stands for – all talk, no action.

Carly Fiorina raises the issue of public employee unions in every interview, but offers no solution.  She raised the issue in her White Men Can’t Jump Over Boxer interview with American Spectator.  Now, she has raised the issue again in an interview with Wall Street Journal.  In this latest talk, “Ms. Fiorina also chides Ms. Boxer for the latter’s lockstep support for the public employee unions that she claims enjoy ‘outsized political influence’ in California.”

Fiorina offers no solution – telling us what she’s against, but not what she’s for.  Fiorina tells us she’s against the outsized political influence of California’s public employee unions (or seems to).  Yet, she offers no solution – won’t tell us what she’s for.  Much of her WSJ interview is tepid criticisms of Barbara Boxer – on trade agreements and cap-and-trade (which Fiorina has supported).  She does tell us she’s for Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein (who is “far more productive … for the people of California” than Boxer).  But, she offers no solution for the overpowerful public employee unions who are crippling state government.

Fiorina is telling voters loud and clear what she stands for – all talk, no action.  WSJ is right that “Voters may also be in the mood for new leadership.”  But, it is not enough for Fiorina to simply claim that, “I’m not a professional politician, I’m a problem solver.”  California’s public employee unions are a huge problem – sucking billions out of state services while we suffer, spending taxpayer dollars on special interest politics, and blocking reform.  Leadership means solving problems with actions, not just words.

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