Official text. SRA Resolution to recall MV councilman Lance MacLean

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 SRA Endorses MacLean Recall
Press Release

Mission Viejo, CA, October 18, 2009 – On Oct. 15, the Saddleback Republican Assembly Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution endorsing the recall of Mission Viejo Councilman Lance MacLean. The resolution was presented again that evening at SRA’s regular meeting where members unanimously approved it.

Saddleback Republican Assembly is a unit of the California Republican Assembly, which was founded in 1934. By receiving a local unit’s endorsement, candidates also receive the CRA endorsement, a coveted privilege for those who are deemed by its membership to be conservative, principled and electable.

The resolution reads as follows:


Saddleback Republican Assembly holds Councilman Lance MacLean accountable for his broken promises, failed leadership and abandonment of the conservative Republican principles he espoused during his 2002 campaign for office. When presented with notice he was being recalled, he should have resigned to save the expense of recalling him.

WHEREAS, Lance MacLean authored, promoted and sponsored Measure K, a tax increase, after promising no tax increases, and

WHEREAS, Lance MacLean posed as a fiscal conservative but doubled his council stipend and bestowed lifetime medical benefits on council members at
taxpayer expense after three terms of part-time service, and

WHEREAS, Lance MacLean exhibited financial mismanagement by voting for budget items leading to $11.8-million in deficit spending last year, and 

WHEREAS, Lance MacLean falsely promised to relieve traffic congestion but approved housing projects bringing in more congestion and overcrowding, and

WHEREAS, Lance MacLean said he upheld SRA values but was charged with assault and battery on a co-worker, and he lied to a reporter to hide his identity, and

WHEREAS, Lance MacLean promised to represent his constituents but turned against and maligned them, calling them racists and elitists in the L.A. Times, and

WHEREAS, Lance MacLean has fully revealed his true nature as a big-government bureaucrat who promotes social engineering and supports Redevelopment after denouncing it when he requested SRA’s endorsement,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Mission Viejo Councilman Lance MacLean employed deception to receive SRA’s endorsement in 2002. The voters of Mission Viejo should now remove Councilman Lance MacLean from office in a recall election. Saddleback Republican Assembly Board of Directors and its Membership unanimously endorse the recall of Councilman Lance MacLean.

/s/ Matt Corrigan, President, Saddleback Republican Assembly

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