CNN Investigates: Australian Vs American Health Care

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Extremely short clip of about 2 minutes that makes an excellent summary of the Australian system of health care delivery.   It is named Medicare.  In Australia, EVERYONE is covered at less than half of what we currently pay.  This type of information is essential for careful discussions of the upcoming health insurance reform bill that will be crafted.  Please watch and comment on this important issue!  Insist that lawmakers give us Single Payer.

The comments section has some additional ideas as well:

It does cover you for elective surgery, it just may be a wait, and depending on the case load at the time, that can vary. I worked in a public hospital adminsitration in Melbourne for 3 years, and most people who buy private cover do it so they can have hosp. choice, immediate elective procedures, plus a bunch of rebates like health and lifestyle. You can deduct your kid’s swimming for example. It’s a great system, and no one goes bankrupt because they get sick. That’s the whole argument…
No one said it was perfect, but the Federal Govt are actually workign on health care reforms at the moment, with one option being federalising heath care instead of it being state run. Health care is nowhere near the partisan issue here either – our conservative minority would never put discarding the public system on the table. They would be shouted out of office. And again, no one can’t pay their mortgage because they get sick, and Medicare never says “no, you can’t get that treatment”.

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