Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to take local government’s money

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a mess in Sacramento.  Now he wants to ruin our local governments too.

“Our governor is currently contemplating declaring an “emergency” authorizing the state to borrow $2 billion in local property taxes by suspending Proposition 1A, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2004 to protect local government revenue and local programs and services,” according to Placentia Councilman Scott Nelson, in an O.C. Register editorial.

But that’s not all!  Nelson also warns us that “In addition to borrowing Prop. 1A funds, the state is also talking about an outright taking of more than $900 million in gasoline taxes from local governments. Californians twice since 2004 have voted overwhelmingly to require the state sales tax on gasoline go to road improvements. Gax-tax funds are the lifeline for local government struggling to maintain the vast local transportation system. For Placentia, gas taxes represent over $900,000 a year. Any permanent erosion of these funds will jeopardize our ability to maintain our streets and delay a number of critical public-works projects.”

I attended a California League of Cities meeting last night, in Costa Mesa.  The main speaker, Mike Madrid, talked at length about the mess in Sacramento.  Madrid offered four ways that we can take back our government:

Mike Madrid offered four ways to take back our state government

  1. We need to go back to a part-time State Legislature.  As Madrid put it, we already have a part-time Legislature – but we are paying them full time and more.  They have become an elite class and the entire system is designed to enrich them – not to serve the people of California.
  2. Madrid also said that we need to increase the number of Legislators – perhaps by a factor of three.  Ours is a massive state and we still have the same number of legislators that we had thirty years ago.  One State Senator covers an area that includes two congressional districts!  This is one of the reasons these guys are not accountable to the people of our state.
  3. We need to toss legislative term limits.  They don’t work and we end up with rookie ding dongs in Sacramento.
  4. We need to toss campaign finance limits and push for full, immediate disclosure online.

Madrid also spoke about how we cannot borrow our way out of this mess.  Schwarzenegger and the Legislators need to cut waste, period.

And we need to look at returning control of property taxes to local government.  Sacramento takes too much of it as it is.  Our bloated state government is a cancer.  We need to restore our local government, not gut it.

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