Ralph Martin retires – did John Lewis cost him a chance to replace Mike Carona?

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“South Orange County resident Ralph Martin, a well-respected longtime Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department commander who finished third to replace the disgraced Mike Carona as Orange County’s sheriff last year, officially retired today after nearly 36 years of public service,” according to the O.C. Weekly’s Navel Gazing blog.

The most interesting part of the story is this, “Martin was among almost 50 candidates seeking to win an appointment to finish Carona’s remaining two years in office. Before false derogatory rumors were spread in well-placed political spots, he seemed to have a solid chance of capturing the job. But Sandra Hutchens, another high-ranking LA County sheriff’s official, ultimately won the job in a 3-2 vote by Orange County’s Board of Supervisors.”

I wonder who spread those “false derogatory rumors?”  Remember that Republican consultant John Lewis, who created the disgraced former Sheriff, Mike Carona, was also the main consultant to Santa Ana police chief Paul Walters, who was in the running to replace Carona until Sandra Hutchens came out of nowhere to get the job.

Anonymous cronies are now ripping into conservative Fullerton Councilman Shawn Nelson, who is taking on Lewis’ Democrat pal Tom Daly, to replace Chris Norby on the Board of Supervisors.  I wonder if Lewis is behind these latest scurrilous anonymous attacks?

Good luck to Martin on his retirement.  He would have been a great O.C. Sheriff.  Too bad that didn’t happen.  Instead we got stuck with Hutchens and her mob of L.A. bureaucrats.  If Lewis was behind the attacks on Martin, it would be par for the course given his creation of Carona, the worst Sheriff ever!

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