Union hacks want to take away CVS worker’s rights to confidential union elections

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What a bunch of hackish union thugs!  “Dozens of protesters rallied Thursday outside a CVS pharmacy in downtown Santa Ana, their grievances against the drugstore giant summed up by an expired box of infant gas medicine,” according to the O.C. Register.

It figures that these union creeps were trying to buy fart pills!

“The protest was part of a national campaign to spotlight what critics of CVS – including California’s attorney general – have described as a persistent problem with outdated products on its shelves.”

California’s Attorney General?  You mean the union sycophant Jerry Brown?

“The group reported in December that it had surveyed nearly 300 CVS stores around Los Angeles, and found at least one container of expired infant formula, milk or eggs for sale at 43 percent of them.” 

Let’s do the math here.  Forty three percent of 300 means that 129 stores had “at least one” container of expired materials.  But is this unique to CVS?  I think if you were to audit union-run supermarkets you would probably find problems there too.  I don’t know about other folks, but I always check expiration dates when I shop for groceries.

Moreover, “in a  statement, CVS spokesman Mike DeAngelis said company policy requires that items be removed from the shelves before they reach their expiration dates. But, he said, the typical CVS pharmacy has more than 100,000 items on its shelves, and “no process this labor-intensive is immune from error.”

“The Santa Ana protest, like the national campaign, was organized by an alliance of labor unions called Change to Win.”

“The Santa Ana protest, like the national campaign, was organized by an alliance of labor unions called Change to Win.”

At last we arrive at the truth.  This lame protest had NOTHING to do with expired products.  These union thugs are indeed looking for a change – according to CVS spokesman Mike DeAngelis, “the union group had singled out CVS “after we refused to waive our employees’ right to vote confidentially in union elections.””

Think about that for a moment.  Why would workers want to waive their rights to vote confidentially in union elections?  This is all about pressuring workers to vote union – and taking away their privacy! 

Furthermore, if the unions succeed in forcing CVS to go union, what will that do to their prices?  They will go up of course.  And who will be screwed by that?  The public – during a recession no less. 

At the end of the day this is what the greedy union activists are all about.  The reality is that CVS stores offer good jobs to students and retired folks.  But if all you aspire to is a union retail job then I have a bit of advice for you.  Get a life!  You will never earn a great living in retail, period.  Go back to school, learn a trade or start a business.  Stop wasting time trying to force stores to go union!

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