Arte Moreno kicks Curt Pringle’s butt again!

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How many times must Arte Moreno, the owner of the Angels baseball club, keep beating stubborn Republican Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle in court before Pringle will finally leave the Angels alone?  “The 4th District Court of Appeal ruled late Friday against the city of Anaheim, which has been fighting to overturn the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team name for about four years,”  according to the O.C. Register.

Seriously – what the heck was Pringle thinking?  He has already wasted $4 million taxpayer dollars on his legal actions against Moreno.  And yet Pringle and his Council are STILL thinking about continuing their disastrous lawsuit.  Will Pringle ever get a clue?

The Angels don’t need these stupid distractions.  They lost their closer and their first baseman to free agency.  I am not worried about losing K-Rod.  The Angles may sign free agent Brian Fuentes, who closed for the Colorado Rockies last year.  Fuentes is a quality left-hander.  He would do a fine job for the Angels.

The bigger loss is first baseman Mark Texeira.  But I am glad that Moreno didn’t succumb to Texeira’s ridiculous demands.  The Angels have options at first, including Cuban power hitter Kendry Morales.  Texeira is a great player – but no one is worth $20 million a year – not in this economy.  Let the Red Sox get saddled with that contract.

As for Pringle, he is an ass.  I hope he comes to his senses and leaves Moreno alone.  I really don’t care what the Angels call themselves.  They are our team here in Orange County, period.  Too bad Pringle had to waste so much taxpayers’ money on this stupid lawsuit.

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