Powerful New Videos That Will Make You Vote Yes on 8 or Die!

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I apologize profusely, gentle readers, that I have not had time to complete the other four essays I have planned, essays that will elaborate and expand on the arguments we most often hear in favor of this life-and-death Proposition.  For one thing, I’ve been busy nearly 24/7 – you may have seen me – waving my “Yes on 8” sign on street corners throughout the county, sometimes with my new friends, sometimes all by my lonesome.  On top of that I am having to post this on a public library computer, having sold my car and laptop when Frank Schubert demanded I make a “sacrificial offering” to save the institution of marriage.

Fortunately, I am able now to post a few videos which I think make the case for Proposition 8 even more convincingly than I ever could.  Most strikingly, here is “The Call.”  I can’t even explain what it means myself, but man did it make my blood pump for the thrill of abridging civil liberties – especially hearing the voice of that hot, husky narrator!

The next remarkable video successfully argues for something that hadn’t even occurred to Phobius: the scientific connection between Californians’ tolerance for same-sex marriage and the incidence of wildfires in the state:

This should tug at your heartstrings: These two very precocious seven-year olds in this video fully understand the repugnance of homosexual “acts of love,” and the moral dangers to our society if we give our imprimatur to that sort of behavior.  Just listen to the little cherubim sing:

Where would the struggle to save the sacred jewel of heterosexual marriage be without our weird brothers in the Mormon Church?  Last I checked, 40% of the money backing the initiative came from Salt Lake City millionaires, and regular salt-of-the-earth Mormons with nothing left but their bikes and backpacks after being coerced to make the sort of “sacrifical offerings” I did.  Here is one of their rallying videos:

And finally let’s not forget our heroic local legislators, like Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, bold and politically incorrect enough to proclaim to a hedonistic college crowd that we should not re-define marriage “in order to make a small number of people feel comfortable about themselves.” A small number of people! And here I had fallen for the liberal media myth that about 10% of us are born gay. Hey – even if that’s true, it’s a lot less than 90%, eh? Thank you, Dana Rohrabacher, for a sharp dose of the courageous truth.

If you are not convinced by these five videos, then there’s probably not a lot more Phobius can say to you.  But I know, while marriage lies on her deathbed in “Code Blue” (to use Frank Schubert’s phrase), wheezing, trembling, hacking up blood, incontinent, and not recognizing its loved ones, that I will not be able to look into my grandchildren’s eyes (if I ever have children) and tell them I did not pull out every last stop for Proposition 8.  So I will attempt to get these four essays out of draft form by Tuesday:

  • Extrapolating on the DeVore Principle (the inevitability of polygamy, bestiality, incest and necrophilia)
  • Yes, Civil Rights SHOULD Be Decided By a Majority Vote!
  • A Tragic Case Study: A Church, and Beloved Religious Leader, Driven to Poverty and Drink By Legalized Gay Marriage
  • Surprise: “Family Defense Council” Comes Out in Support of Prop. 8!

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