Santa Ana carjackers go after an unmarked cop car…and pay the price

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Dirty Harry behind the wheel

Two men in Santa Ana tried to carjack an unmarked car last night – only to realize that the two men in the car were cops!  The cops were searching for illegal fireworks, according to the O.C. Register, when an SUV stopped in front of them and one of the bad guys tried to talk tough and insinuated that he had a gun.  Busted!

The cops jumped out and confronted the would-be carjackers.  The bad guys jumped back in their SUV and a short chase ensued, after which the cops lost one of the miscreants, after he got out and ran.  But they did catch the driver, Eleazar Lopez, a Santa Ana resident.

What the O.C. Register did not report was that this carjacking was just the latest episode of this sort of crime in Santa Ana.  There have been several carjackings this past year, including the jacking of a guy’s taco cart, along with his van.

As you would expect, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido did not make mention of the carjackings at his “State of the City” address a few weeks ago.

I am glad the cops stopped this carjacking…but the bad guys picked the wrong car to jack.  They just as easily could have jacked a different car.  We obviously have a crisis on our hands in Santa Ana – but don’t expect anyone on our City Clowncil to address this problem.  Instead they will look the other way and talk about whatever development scheme they are currently excited about.

You have to wonder why carjackings are on the rise in Santa Ana.  What is happening to the cars that get jacked?  Are they being sold for parts?  Are they being driven to Mexico?  Are they being resold as used cars?  Are they being used to commit crimes, such as bank robberies? And when is Pulido going to take this bull by the horns?

Maybe we all need to ask SAPD Chief Paul Walters for a concealed weapons permit…

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