Cypress boosts Costa Mesa, but Times columnist is befuddled by Mansoor plan

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Cypress boosts Costa Mesa, but Times columnist is befuddled by Mansoor plan

Kudos to the Cypress City Council for sending a letter of support to Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor regarding his plan to give additional training to select police officers regarding immigration law.

On the flipside, Times columnist Dana Parsons wrote a bizarre column this week that appears to slam the Mansoor plan, but instead provides evidence to support it. Parsons quotes Mansoor as saying that “There will be no sweeps for enforcement for just immigration laws. I really want to stress that point. In other words, there must be another crime involved first.” OK – if that is the case what exactly is Parson’s beef?

Parsons interviewed a former columnist, Humberto Caspa, about the Mansoor plan. He asked Caspa if the Mansoor plan specifically would harm law-abiding immigrants, legal or not. Caspa acknowledged that he could not “frame an exact scenario from the language of the policy itself.” Well, if that is the case, what exactly is Parson’s beef? Who knows? He writes that Caspa feels “in his bones” that the policy is malevolent. Say what? Am I the only one who thinks that is a nutty statement? Who cares what this guy is “feeling in his bones?”

Let’s make this clear – the Mansoor plan will deport wife-beaters, child molesters, drunk drivers, murderous gang bangers and other assorted felons, after they serve their sentences. Why does anyone have a problem with this? These people are, for the most part, preying on their own. Why is anyone fighting to keep them in this country? It just doesn’t make any sense. Do any of their victims want them to stay in our country? I truly doubt it. Maybe we can put them up at Parson’s home? Just a thought.

You can read the Parsons article (although I recommend that you have a barf bag handy) at,1,2363029.column?coll=la-editions-orange. The O.C. Register reports about the Cypress letter at

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